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My name is Alex Novo,
Hamidreza Zallnezhad
I’m a 3D Artist.

I am living in Tehran,Iran. I am 35 years old and I was graduated in 2011 from AZAD UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN (TEHRAN MARKAZ DEPARTMENT) in civil engineering.

From 2006 to 2011, I worked in important construction company which they have mentioned below:

1 – Sazian company (international Esteghlal Hotel ) – six months – executive engineer

2 – Arme Dasht company (international Tehran Tower ) – sixteen months – executive engineer

3 – Modabberan Sanat Sakhteman company ( Maskan Mehr 3 – 7 ) – fifteen months – executive engineer

4 – Alton tower – eleven months – executive months

My Skills


I have been teaching AutoCAD for 5 years.

3d Max

My expertise are in modeling, texturing and unwrapping objects.


I have full ability on V-Ray Next and V-Ray 5.


I'm Learning.


It's pretty easy to use and you can quickly have a base to work with.


I've practically ZBrush every day... I can't get enough. It's Just a great program. I just love it so much.

Quixer Mixer

We will see the real miracle of real texturing together soon.


What's great about SpeedTree is that it's very easy to get a realistic-looking and moving tree in no time.


I started the 3D simulation profession in 2012, and after learning the relevant training on existing software, I worked for design- architecture Kiamin company from 2013-2015, after that I worked by my own from 2015 to 2017.


In 2016, I was accepted in the master’s degree ( Roodehen Azad University ) in the field of architectural engineering.

Since 2015, which was the biggest leap in activity in the field of civil engineering and architecture.

I was working in “the big Iran Mall” project since 2017-2019 as the site manager of Ati Saz Panah company, and at that time, I was also working in the field of architecture and simulation professionally in the second shift.

In 2019, I worked as the site manager for 10 months for building a modern villa that I had designed.

In the field of architecture , in these years I designed more than 20 project and I also did more than 95 3D-simulation projects.

It should be added that I have over 8 Advertising teaser projects on Iran TV in my resume.

During these years, all my efforts were to be able to update my information in the field of architecture and increase my capabilities in the field of software, and also it could be said in the last 5 years, over than 70 percent of my activities have been in the field of architecture.

As a matter of fact it should be considered that having a civil engineering specialty had a great spectacular influence in my design and architectural thinking, and it was caused to create very unique designs.

In the end, I should mention that all the knowledge I have is a drop in the ocean of science an knowledge in the world.

The only secret to success in this field is to be up-to-date get knowledge and learn every day.