This project represents the interior concept, performed for our clients from Italy .I arranged the space by connecting the rooms together, where one flows smoothly into another. Here you may see an almost complete absence of walls, which generates more space. In this interior, you can observe a trend in which the majority of the walls are white, and the furniture are green-light serve as accents. A wide variety of interior items adds a lot of bright accents and decorates every room. Interesting details, placed in space rationally, catch the eye. I paid attention to the furniture as well: it is functional and ergonomic. Sofa-transformer, minimalistic coffee tables, and simple geometric shapes are used. Light white curtains and furniture upholstery add a touch of warmth and coziness, diluting strict white and dark colors. I also used interesting and unusual lamps and lighting solutions: cone lamps and spotlights as illuminators. Many elements of this interior solution are popular nowadays for clients because of its benefits and advantages.

Via Renon, Bolzano, Italy

3d Max, V-Ray, Speedtree, Photoshop